I'm jing .


I love art and learned my art knowledge from the greatest museums, British Museum, V&A, National Gallery and The Wallace Collection 



Meet Brilliant Artist-Ren TianJin任天进

I am an experienced Photographer especially handling Antique such as Chinese Ceramic, Africa Tribal Art and Indian Bronze. Thus able to understand these objects needs extra care to handle and more detail-oriented pictures to display when we are presenting these works of art 

With a great Passionate for Art and Antiques, my journey started from being a volunteer and instructor of Museums in London, I have met brilliant people and share a great interest with them about Asian Art, and Morden Art. In the meantime, I have also met lots of collectors, and I have learned that an Auction House is like a stock exchange centre if we imagine all the art pieces are stocks. 

The art market is fascinating and the auction house is a place to create magic, with professionals full of knowledge and diverse cultures dealing with products that have hundreds of years of history or super high quality. People are trusting these professionals with the expertise to deliver their precious findings 


Being an Antique and Art Work Photographer, I think delivering the most accurate photos is essential, I am always willing to communicate with others and help to complete teamwork at a fast pace while ensuring compliance with the above standards